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10 December 1972
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adbusting, c, c++, computer programming, culture jamming, discordianism, ethical hacking, game development, good whisky, goth, occult, paganism, perl, punk, security, slack, software engineering, speculative fiction, subzero temperatures, unix
First my friends gave me a hard time for not having a livejournal.

Then they gave me an even harder time for never writing anything in my livejournal.

You just can't please some people.

I'm never going to write in my own journal. The only purpose for this account is to read and respond to everyone else's journals, especially my wife's (cchan8).

I nose around for interesting new things to read, although I still don't comment very often (I'm a quiet guy in-real-life, too). If you have no idea who I am and I've just shown up in your friends list one day, it's because I've found what you have to say compelling and/or entertaining and I hope you don't mind.

I'm a unix system administrator, programmer, and security specialist at a college in Maryland. Very much into systems development, intrusion detection and prevention, game programming as a hobby, paganism, the gothic subculture, freezing cold temperatures, and gently poking at things to see how they tick.